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Creativity is all around us and can be used to achieve goals or make dreams come true. At Blackwood creations we love to explore all sorts or creativity and like to experiment in how to use it. Wether it is planning a wedding or helping you to make your marketing activities more efficient. In the end you have a goal or dream and we.. we help you to make it come true.

Creativity is intelligence having fun.” 

— Albert Einstein

Our services


Are you organising a party, wedding, event of festival with a theme and are you looking for inspiration? No need to look further, we can help you out from brainstorming to eventplanning.


From event styling and planning promotional fotoshoots to arranging models and styling or creating outfits. We have several MUA’s, photographers and interior decorators in our network that we work with. Do you want to use our network?


There are so many types of marketing activities to take into consideration. we would start with creating a foundation, what is your dream? Lets figure out together on how to achieve it…

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“Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” ― Henry Ford

Let’s get together and make dreams come true.