In the Laboratory: Photo-shoot Project

The “in the laboratory” project took place during The square of enlightenment, which is a own initiated and organized event.

The idea was to create Photo’s that would have an industrial look with a twist, or hint to some deeper mystery and which could be used for the Marketing campagne that was to be set-up for the event.. Both the background and the clothing give this Victorian industrial look so the mystery needed to be capture with the body language and in the eyes of the models. However the angle of the light and angle of the photo were also very important to achieve the desired result. Therefor we choose to work together with two Photographers who would understand the style that we were looking for and most importantly would be able to capture the mystery.

During the project we worked together with a local company that is active in the interior decoration branch, called BONHEUR Binnen & Buiten. Together we created the laboratory background/décor that is partly shown on the pictures.

The models vary from experienced to not experienced and are all chosen on not only looks but also on being capable to be mysterious.

Per Photograph or style impression it is stated who was the model, who was the Photographer and which costume was either created or brought together by one of our stylists (Who’s name is also stated).


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